Enabling Income Generation for the Poor (EnInGeP)

The project “Enabling Income Generation for the Poor” (January 2023 – June 2026) seeks to address key challenges in Kosovo’s private sector, such as job creation, limited access to finance, and gender disparities. By enhancing market support functions and fostering collaboration with various stakeholders, the project aims to create a more inclusive and resilient private sector.

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Survey with MSMEs in Kosovo



Survey with Business Consultants in Kosovo

Project Interventions

Facilitating KIESA in improving the capacities for service provision

Help KIESA share its story and contributions more effectively by assisting in the creation of a Public Relations (PR) Strategy to effectively communicate its mission, services, and accomplishments to both local and global stakeholders.

Facilitating quality improvement of Business Development (Digitalization) Services through supporting BCC to regulate and standardize the consultancy services

Help the Business Consultants Council (BCC) establish clear guidelines and resources to enhance the quality and professionalism of consultancy services.

Increasing the participation of women in ICT through supporting Digi Women Cluster in Kosovo

Empower women in the tech field by supporting STIKK’s ICT cluster –DigiWomen Cluster. This effort aims to act as a support system to getmore women involved in ICT.

Establishing Kosovo’s Fund for Innovation and Technological Development (KFITD)

Supporting MIET in establishing Kosovo Fund for Innovation and Technological Development (KFITD)

Facilitating the digital transformation of vulnerable MSMEs through targeted and upscaled Business Digitalization Services

This activity is about helping small  businesses step into the digital era  by providing them with the tools  and assistance they need to  upgrade and thrive in today’s digital  landscape. Boost the digital  transformation of small businesses  through practical and efficient  digitalization services.

Increasing the financial literacy of vulnerable groups through “Biznesi Im” Platform

Introduce useful financial tools to the Biznesi Im platform, collaborating closely with partners to enhance the financial literacy of Kosovo’s small businesses.

Facilitating the provision of digital services for vulnerable MSMEs through further development and up scaling of the Founder Service

Enhance and expand the Biznesi Im platform to better reach and assist startups and existing small businesses, especially those led by women, youth, and vulnerable

Facilitating quality improvement of Business
Digitalization Services through certification of
marginalized consultants

Support the certification of 15 consultants from ethnic non-majority communities in digital transformation fields.

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