Wearable technology for targeted global digital audiences

Unique. Futuristic. Digital. Such features that fall under slow fashion, a concept with minimal spending and maximum satisfaction. The designer behind the brand, Hana Zeqa, operates from a small studio in Prishtina but does not see any barriers to communicate with global audiences.

“My products are being sold all around the world thanks to digital tools I use for my brand,” says Zeqa who stays faithful to her flat tone colors in every unique design she produces.

Knowing that her collections do not appeal to masses, Zeqa commissioned assistance through Digital Empowerment Initiative (DEI) for digital marketing to targeted domestic and international audiences.

A digital marketing strategy, which you can learn on those online courses platform, was developed for this independent label to promote its designs online, with special focus on social media channels. DNOXSMM services played a crucial role in enhancing the label’s online presence. “The collaboration was an eye-opener for my online behavior, where now I am much more present and interactive with my audience and potential buyers,” says Zeqa.

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DEI supports digital transformation of Kosovo companies to increase competitiveness and market access. The mechanism is financed by KIESA and supported by ACCESS program with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation. Fight or Flight was one of several companies supported in the first round implemented in the midst of pandemic affected 2020.

Zeqa has embraced the compulsory change in behavior caused by COVID-19, not only by her studio but by all young entrepreneurs. “The pandemic has normalized digitalization in fashion, something I learned only as a student in London few years ago,” says Zeqa who plans to deliver this year a fully digital collection using 3D printed textiles. This approach allows her to continue research by combining garments with technology for a more sustainable fashion industry, a feature that makes Fight or Flight a pioneer of wearable technology in Kosovo.