UNMIK announced creation of new ministries

Prishtina, Nov 10, 2004 – The UNMIK-Administrator, Søren Jessen-Petersen, has meet with Kosovar political leaders and informed them about the decision to move ahead with the creation of new ministries in the areas of energy, local self-government, and returns and communities. He also informed them about his agreement with their proposal to establish the posts of deputy prime minister and deputy ministers.

Jessen-Petersen stressed that new competences of the local Government, as well as existing competences, must be exercised in a fully responsible and accountable manner. A commitment from the government to do so is an integral part of the transfers. He reiterated that the transfer of competences would have to be accompanied by comprehensive capacity-building of the local Government.

Improved government accountability and capacity will be an important step forward in enabling Kosovo to meet the priority standards ahead of the planned mid-2005 review.

The UNMIK-Administrator has also discussed with political leaders the intention to proceed with further transfer of competences, particularly in the area of the economy, once the new government is formed.

Jessen-Petersen underscored that a strong partnership will continue in the non-transferred areas to ensure further full engagement of the Government of Kosovo.