Trepça: High expenses, low output

Prishtinë, Nov 15, 2005 – The Stan Terg mine in Mitrovica, which is part of the Trepça conglomerate in Kosovo, has spent more money from the Kosovo Budget than the value of the minerals produced over last two months.

From the start of works, 587 miners in the Stan Terg mine have prepared 500 tons of led and zinc concentrate for the market. Meanwhile, 800 tons of concentrate was extracted from Novobrdo mine.

Kosovo Trust Agency officials said that the two Trepça mines in Leposavic have started test production since August of this year. The Kosovar daily “Lajm” quoted an KTA Official as saying “After overcoming technical and administrative problems, the mines are extracting 5,500 tons of ore every month. This quantity will reach 7,000 tons in January and February. The first extracted concentrate was sold”.

The KTA official said that the mines in the northern part of Mitrovica have 1,075 workers, while 1200 are engaged in the southern part.