Austrian Airlines reacts against favoring BA in Kosovo

Prishtinë, Nov 15, 2005 – “Austrian Airlines” has reacted against acts of Prishtina Airport officials in Kosovo, who have favoured the British airline “British Airways” through a secret decision, Kosovar daily “Lajm” informed. Prishtina Airport officials, who preffered not to be quoted, have confirmed the reaction. “It is true that we have received a reaction from the Austrian company following some media pieces. The reaction is fair considering that one company was favoured, but not the others,” said a Prishtina Airport official.

This favour was done by Ioan Woollet, who was the Prishtina Airport Director from 2033 to October 2005. The Airport loses thousands of Euros due to this favour.

“After this case, no official in Prishtina Airport can decide to free a company from obligations. All decision will be transparent and will be made by the Prishtina Airport Board,” the official told the Kosovar Daily Lajm.