The agreement between PTK and BT suspended

Prishtinë, Nov 15, 2005 – The “marriage” between Post Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) and British Telecom (BT)dod not have a long live, since SRSG Soren Jessen Petersen suspended the agreement between PTK and BT on strategic alliance for an uncertain time.

The Special Representative of the Secretary General of UN (SRSG) Soren Jessen Petersen said on Friday that he has not cancelled this agreement, but has suspended it until all relevant procedures have been completed.

“We should make sure that all the procedures have been properly followed and I also need to go through a series of questions and answer,” the SRSG stated during a meeting with Kosovo Prime Minsiter, Bajram Kosumi.

A PTK Spokesperson confimed to the Kosovar daily “Zeri” that the SRSG has temporarily suspended the talks between the PTK and BT: He did not give further details on this.

The daily newspaper “Koha Ditore” wrote that although the agreement has been suspended by the SRSG, no concrete explanation has been given to the officials of the two companies. PTK denies that the agreement was suspended because of violations during the selection process.

“PTK has not received any official reasons for the suspension of the talks on a strategic alliance with BT”, the PTK Spokesperson said.

In addition Kosovar media quoted Ilir Salihu, KTA Deputy-Director for POEs, as saying, “The reason for this suspension is that Jessen-Petersen and his advisors want to verify all steps that have been taken for reaching the agreement.”

Unofficially, KTA officials, who did not want to be quoted, stated that PTK and KTA have been hasty when selecting the strategic partner.