Trepça, Airport and KEK hope to get first international loans

Prishtina, January 31, 2004 – International financial institutions will not give long-term loans to Kosovo due to the unresolved status. However, these institutions are thinking about giving 50 percent of these loans in support of concrete projects, “Zëri” reports.

Zëri quotes Besim Beqaj, coordinator of Kosovo’s Office on the Stability Pact, as saying, ‘So far, three projects have been presented by the Kosovo Trust Agency, for the reactivation of Trepça mining complex, for the Prishtina Airport and for the Kosovo Power Corporation.

However, before talking to certain financial institutions, Kosovo needs to promulgate laws on loans and their protection, which after being adopted by local institutions need to get the support of New York, namely the Security Council.

These three projects are considered as a foundation for opening relations with international monetary institutions.