Tired of KTA, Americans drop out of race

Prishtina, 12 April 2004 –The postponement of the deadline for the selection of the international company that would take over the management of KEK has brought to the surface suspicions that this process, led by KTA, is not being carried out as it should be, “Koha Ditore” claims. Since the announcement of the tender for the international turnaround management in KEK last September, KEK has been postponing the announcement of the winner continuously.

Though KTA continues to claim that everything is moving ahead as planned, “Koha Ditore” sources speak of clumsiness in KTA’s work as well as weariness among the bidders which have recently resulted with the withdrawal of one of them from the competition. The same sources told the paper that dissatisfied with the delays and disregard of deadlines, the American company “TA Consulting” has withdrawn from the race.

Asked to comment on the issue, KTA gave the following answer: ‘Whilst the evaluation is ongoing we are unable to give details of the specific bids. The aim is to achieve a performance-based contract, whereby a large part of the contractor’s performance will depend on its success, for example in improving revenue collection and therefore the financial viability of KEK.’