Standard of economy on the shoulders of UNMIK

Prishtina, 12 April 2004 – Blockage of privatization as the most important process in Kosovo, fragile economy, about 60 percent unemployment, and thousands of other economic problems, is in a nutshell the economic reality of post-war Kosovo, writes “Kosova Sot”. At the same time the international community requests from the Kosovo Government, which has no powers related to economy, the implementation of the economy standard within a set timeframe.

On the other hand, Pillar IV of UNMIK, which has not worked at all on economic development, continues to keep with ‘great fanaticism’ the main economy competencies needed for the functioning of a state, writes the paper. Economic experts consider that with the current competencies, the Government of Kosovo can only play a support role to the international community in the implementation of the standard on economy.

Therefore the transfer of these competencies should be done as soon as possible, notes the paper. “The Government and PM Rexhepi have on several occasions expressed their dissatisfaction related to the work Pillar IV is doing in compiling a strategy for the economic development of Kosovo,” Mimoza Kusari, Government spokesperson told the paper. She added that the economy standard can and will be successful only if there is cooperation between Pillar IV of UNMIK and the Kosovo Government and if there is gradual transfer of competencies to the Kosovo Government.