The Irish arrive, Kosovo in darkness, ‘Alstom’ asks for money…

Prishtina, 22 July 2004 – In the days when the Irish Company ESBI took over KEK management and when local manager were downgraded, by least one grade, coincides with radical power cuts after a long time of stable electricity supply, Koha Ditore informs. “There will be no local managers in KEK. Currently, previous managers are given lower positions. They will be supervised by ESBI staff,” Palokë Berisha, KEK Spokesperson told to Koha Ditore.

However, official sources say that that current power cuts aren’t related to the arrival of the Irish or to the downgrading of local managers, but to the B1pumps failure. Paper’s sources inform that French company Alstom, contracted to carry out repair works in Kosova B power plant, has requested an additional 5 million Euros from Kosovo Government and from the international structures as a condition to complete the works. Reportedly, Alstom has so far received 38 million euros for repairing units of Kosova B. KEK sources told the paper that Alsom has failed to meet the deadline of maintenance works in B1, which implies that Kosovo can expect another winter with major electricity crisis.