Kosovo Assembly to harmonize constitutional changes

Prishtina, 22 July 2004 – Before going on summer vacations, the Kosovo Assembly will harmonize the constitutional changes and will discuss 15 draft laws. Sherif Konjufca, communication director of the Kosovo Assembly, said that the amendments in the Constitutional Framework have been finalised, Zëri reports. He added that the text will be presented to the Assembly and will then be sent to the UNMIK chief for approval. Also, the Assembly Legislative Commission has recommended that the Assembly consider the issue of the adopted amendments in the Constitutional Framework closed, and leave the harmonisation of the stances on the remaining amendments to the working groups.

According to sources close to this body, based on the decision of the Assembly Presidency, the Assembly could adopt the 40 harmonized amendments on 28 July 2004. It could also remove the amendments 21 and 24 (which regulate the reserved seats for minorities and the appointment of the President and of the Assembly Presidency), because of a lack of a complete harmonization, and leave them unchanged, as by the Constitutional Framework.

However, if there is enough quorum, the MPs still have the possibility to approve the Assembly Commission’s proposals for these two amendments.