The Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) steps on Kosovo

Prizren, Sept 27, 2005 – Seven people from Albania stayed every day in front of the PTK in Prizren. They sold Sim cards and prepaid cards of the “AMC”, the biggest telephone operator in Albania.

An “Alba” card can be bought for €8. It seems that the high prices of Vala 900, the only operator in Kosovo, and the lack of choice made Prizren’s citizens use the Sim cards of the Albanian operator.

Commenting on this, TRA Head, Anton Berisha, said, “I am aware of this. An antenna has been installed at the border, based on a regional agreement and international norms.”

PTK Spokesperson, Seremb Gjergji, said that the PTK considers any unlicensed operator as illegal. Asked why they let them sell “AMC” cards in front of the main post office, Gjergji said, “We cannot stop anyone. That is municipality’ property. It is forbidden to sell them inside the building, but we cannot stop them from doing that outside.”