Kosovo: Siemens interested in investing in energy sector

Prishtinë, Sept 27, 2005 – Siemens, a well-known German company, was interested once more in the possibility of investing in the energy sector in Kosovo. Karl Stohes from Siemens presented this in a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Mining, Ethem Ceku, on Friday.

They discussed the possibility of using funds, which may be provided by projects of the European Investments Bank and which are dedicated to the development of the region and Kosovo.

Kosovo A rehabilitation requires €275 million

A feasibility study on the rehabilitation of Kosovo A shows that the investment needs in this sector are high. The study indicates that the rehabilitation of Kosovo A requires €275 million. The EAR conducted the study at the request of the Ministry of Energy and Mining.

The study foresees that all units of Kosovo A need general repair. Unit A4 should be urgently repaired. “The aim of this study is to explore ways on how to improve the electricity supply in Kosovo,” said EAR Director Thierry Bernard Guele.

“If Kosovars do not pay for KEK services, they will remain in darkness; it will be impossible to attract investments and they will lose the opportunity to export later energy in the region,” said Tierry Bernard Guele.

RTK reports that Minister Ceku said that the Government’s decision on private investments in Kosovo A is right. He added that it is time to solve the energy problem in Kosovo and of the Kosovo A units.

“The €275 million will not be spent from the Kosovo Budget. We believe that there will be foreign investment within this year,” said Minister Ceku.

Agron Orana from the Directorate of Operational Energy said, “Not only the capital investment, but also the permanent maintenance of these units, are included in the price.”