Serbia opposes Privatisation in Kosovo

Belgrade, Sept 1, 2006 – The Serbian negotiation team met last week with economic experts for the Kosovo status discussions, B92 reports.

The team of economic experts for the Kosovo status discussions, led by European Union officials Stefan Lene, met in Belgrade with the Serbian Kosovo status negotiation delegation and Foreign Affairs Minister Vuk Draskovic.

Serbian Economic team Chief Nenad Popovic told B92 that the meeting was informative and that Belgrade reaffirmed its demand to have privatisation actions in Kosovo halted.

“They have been informed of our stance, which we have mentioned several times. They believe that they are not obligated to stop privatisation. Our stance is different. We believe that they are obligated to do so and that it can be done, because the results of the privatisation actions have been catastrophic thus far. Firstly, we are talking about the protection of property, and that is one of the key conditions needed for the survival of the Serbian community in Kosovo, and a condition for a swift return effort.” Popovic said.

Source: B92