Privatization of recreation centre Brezovica postponed

Prishtinë, Sept 29, 2006 – The privatization of the Recreation Ski Centre in Brezovica is postponed until after the Kosovo’s status is defined. The complex and its status will remain as it is due to the wish of the Serb community, which was supported by international members of KTA Board.

“Privatization was requested to be postponed during a meeting I held with the municipal president and managers of Brezovica complex two weeks ago. Hence, we decided that privatization will take place once Kosovo’s status is defined,” stated Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Paul Acda.

Postponing the privatization of hotels in Brezovica has caused disagreements among KTA local and international members.

KTA Board local members do not agree. “It is only natural that we do not agree with this because we know that the local leaders are sacrificing the interests of the enterprise and those of the employees. We realise the situation the company is in,” stated Minister of Trade and Industry and member of KTA Board Bujar Dugolli.

Brezovica under the competencies of Shterpce Municipality?

According to Kosovar daily Lajm, the Kosovar party has received a document from Marti Ahtisaari regarding the issue of Brezovica. The document mentions the possibility of transferring social enterprises under the competencies of the local municipality.

“We will look into the legal mechanisms for facilitating the transfer of several social enterprises under the competencies of the municipality,” reads the document.

UNMIK Sources inform Lajm that in contradiction to the rules of privatisation, according to which the only entity for managing social enterprises is KTA, the issue of Brezovica is proceeding towards the variation of getting under the competencies of the municipality.

However, Minister Dugolli and Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Paul Acda said that the privatisation of Brezovica would remain with the agency that will inherit KTA, reported Lajm.