Kosovo: TAK collects more than planned

Prishtinë, Sept 30, 2006 – The Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) has collected € 32m more than planned during the ninth month period of 2006. The overall amount collected was € 127m, reported Kosovar media.

According to TAK officials, the increase of the level of taxes declared by taxpayers has resulted in the increase of the collection.

However, regardless of the high rate of the collection, TAK officials say that the remaining debt of € 160m is still great. The debts of privatized SOEs amount to € 33,5m, spending units owe € 3m, non-collectable debts amount to € 11m and collectable ones to € 112m.

TAK officials believe that collection meets difficulties such as fiscal evasion, concealing taxes deliberately, etc.

They also reported on forceful debt collection during this period, including freezing bank accounts, property confiscation and various import and export embargo.