Privatization cannot continue if Fucci’s ideas are applied

Prishtina, 16 April 2004 – Citing international sources in Prishtina, “Koha Ditore” reports that the suggested changes to the operational policies prepared by KTA managing director Marie Fucci were submitted to the SRSG one day before he decided to dismiss her. The same sources told the paper that together with the changes, the SRSG received a letter from the Pillar IV head stating that all requests related to privatization made by the SRSG a month ago were met.

While Holkeri’s decision to dismiss Fucci was welcomed by the local KTA Board members, the Kosovo Government and some “Quint countries” (Great Britain and US), there is very little chance of reaching the same consensus if Holkeri adopts the changes to the operational policies suggested by Fucci, writes “Koha Ditore”.

Koha Ditore notes that the international administration did not respond to the question if Holkeri has seen the changes and what was his opinion.

“Privatization was not blocked because of Marie Fucci as an individual but because of her suggestions to change the operational policies,” Muhamet Mustafa, head of the Institute for Development Research – Riinvest, told “Koha Ditore”.

KTA has called a Board meeting on April 19 but it is not yet clear whether the government representatives will participate. Asked if Fucci’s dismissal enables the participation in the Board meeting, the Minister of Trade and Industry Ali Jakupi said that their participation was not depending on Fucci. “Privatization will continue only if we reach a rational agreement which means that privatization will continue based on the existing regulations and operational policies,” Jakupi is quoted as saying.