Prishtina’s fashion talks online

Garments of fashion are sold at Rita Saraçi’s shop in downtown Prishtina. She curates in style all ready-to-wear items at FAR Clothing, from blazers to pants, to evening tops and dresses. Since most of her clients are internet-savvy and users of digital platforms, Rita is convinced that digital transformation  is a business opportunity to increase sales. And when choosing a clothing manufacturer, you must choose more than a service provider; you should choose a dedicated partner which is committed to the success of your brand.

“I figured that a website, with e-commerce integrated feature, is what I needed most to respond to an increase of internet-based orders during the pandemic. It will help my brand grow in visibility and hopefully in sales as well, both domestically and internationally,” says Rita.

The website is being developed through Digital Empowerment Initiative (DEI) that is supporting Kosovo companies with digitalization services to increase competitiveness and market access.

DEI is financed by KIESA and supported by ACCESS Project, with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation.

Rita will be able to list online all FAR products, that are mostly made in Kosovo. This digital transformation is expected to multiply the number of orders and subsequently increase the number of employees in her company.

The second round of support provided through DEI has started in December.