Germany to invest 72 million in development support in Kosovo


Germany has committed to supporting Kosovo with 72.1 million Euros within the bilateral development cooperation programme, which include projects in wastewater treatment, energy efficiency and renewables. The German investment will focus on the modernization of the country’s energy sector, sustainable economic development and support for the European Integration process.  

In a statement, John Rohde – the Ambassador to Kosovo said that Germany will continue to invest in Kosovo’s sustainable economic development, focusing on supporting vocational education and business development. Germany will also continue with significant investments in public infrastructure, focusing on renewable energy, sewage and waste disposal”. 

The 72,1 million will be disbursed in loans and grants for the upcoming two years. The total amount of grants will be 34 million euros whereas the rest will be provided as longterm loans subsidized by Germany. Termokos – Kosovo’s heating district – will receive 24 million euros in loans for solar thermal technology. KOSST on the other side – Kosovo’s transmission system operator – will borrow 13.5 million euros for grid development.  

As a means of supporting the EU integration process, the programme intends to improve the sewage disposal and wastewater management with European Union standards. As for the energy sector, the German investments aims to improve the overall energy efficiency and increase the share of renewable sources.  


Photo by Pixabay