Rudi’s Sweet Delicatessen

Rudina Qosja has introduced to cake lovers in Prishtina a taste since 2017. But, with the new reality imposed by the pandemic, “Rudi’s Cake Factory” turned to digital solutions to compensate for the losses caused.

She is currently developing a modern website via Digital Empowerment Initiative (DEI), a subsidized scheme financed by KIESA that support digital transformation of Kosovo companies. DEI is supported by ACCESS program with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation. It will enable “Rudi’s” to present her work to domestic and international markets, enable customers to order sweets with ingredients of their choice, and most importantly to be able to make payment orders online.

“I am convinced that digital communication and e-commerce is being embraced by the society,” says Rudina from her working area that combines artisanal production and catering.

DEI is supporting Kosovo companies with digitalization services to increase, competitiveness and market access. Considering the high number of applications received in mid-2020, the second round of support is announced in December of this year.

This trend of moving towards digital transformation is what is driving Rudina to move away from traditional understanding of pastry chefs. “This is my passion and I believe I am doing something special. I want my customers to feel the same way, special.”