Prishtina and Belgrade are preparing for talks

Prishtina, March 29, 2005 – The head of UNMIK, Soren Jessen-Petersen says that he has reached an agreement with Belgrade officials for commencement of talks on energy and the return. These talks would be lead by EU, respectively UNHCR.

Jessen-Petersen told KosovaLive upon arrival at the Prishtina Airport that the official Belgrade has not yet given a clear signal for Kosovo Serbs to join the institutions, but he believes that this will happen in the coming weeks.

“We agreed to continue the work of the group on missing persons. We also agreed to start the work with working groups on energy and on the return. And now we have the chairman of this group from the EU. He is Jolly Dickinson. Whereas the UNHCR will chair the working group on the return,“ he said.

Belgrade authorities also suggested that there should also be talks on property issues. “ I think this is an important issue and we will consider it. We agreed to start with the dialogue on energy and on the return immediately and later on to see the issues related to property,” Jessen–Petersen said.

ECIKS / KosovaLive