Preliminar Kosovo Election Results Announced

Prishtina, Oct 27, 2004 – The Central Election Commission and the OSCE announced on Monday the preliminary results for the 2004 Assembly elections. The OSCE head of mission Pascal Fieschi said that the preliminary results would have very little changes from the final results.

The election results are as follows: LDK 45.3%, PDK 28.6%, AAK 8.2%, ORA 6.2%, PSHDK 1.81%, KDTP 1.38%, PD 1%.

According to these results no political party can govern alone in the next period and therefore coalitions are needed.

The Kosovar Daily “Koha Ditore” reports that it is still early to talk about forming a government coalition although negotiations between political parties have already started. By now, it is known that the official Brussels prefers a coalition government between LDK, PDK and AAK, because it is believed that any of the three political entities would create obstacles if they were to remain in the opposition, “Koha Ditore” reports citing its reliable sources.

According to some other Kosovar media the repeating of the agreement between LDK, PDK and AAK is an option, but only if the current leaders “still remain in the game”. Another possible option are coalitions between LDK and AAK and some smaller political entities or a coalition between PDK, AAK, ORA and other political parties that represent the serb, turkish, roma and bosniak minority.

If the old coalition formula is going to be renewed for another four years, it is expected that the post of the President of Kosovo will again belong to LDK and the Prime Minister’s post to the PDK. The main candidate for the Prime Minister’s post in this case would be the President of PDK, Mr. Hashim Thaçi, a well informed source in Kosovo told ECIKS.

The final results of the elections will be announced on Saturday and the new Goevernment is expected to be formed soon after that.