Paul Acda to Chair Kosovo Trust Agency Board

Prishtinë, Aug 19, 2006 – There were rumours that following the appointment of Joachim Ruecker as SRSG Designate, a local official, namely Bujar Dugolli, would chair the KTA Board. But sources inside KTA told Lajm that the Acting DSRSG Paul Acda would take over as Chairman of the board.

“Locals should have taken over the Chairmanship some time ago, but in fact no changes will be made even now,” the source said. “The Board will be chaired by the new chief, Paul Acda and it will remain so until Kosovo’s final status is solved.”

A senior KTA official told Lajm that changes in the Board Chairmanship would request changes to the KTA Regulation, which can be done only by the UN Office in New York and which would also take time. Reportedly, the Government has never requested that the KTA Board Chairmanship be handed over to the locals.

The next meeting of the Board is to take place on 21 September.