Kosovo Budget guarantees country's financial sustainability

Prishtinë, Aug 19, 2006 – All print and broadcast media have reported on the meeting held between Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu and the Minister of Economy and Finance Haki Shatri.

According to TV21, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) have informed the President that the taxes cannot be collected in northern municipalities, which are administered by Serbs. However, no figures were given.

According to Shatri, Kosovo is quite capable of surviving economically once its status is defined, the MEF has the necessary funds to support all processes that deal with the definition of the status and can take over other competencies in regards to the establishment of other ministries.

For the President Sejdiu, the Customs are one of the most important sectors in the economic aspect of Kosovo. He requested MEF to draft policies and strategies on the increase of budget domestic collection, which should not depend on Customs’ revenues only. He also requested a greater level of efficiency in collecting taxes and monitoring businesses and activities.

“The tax policy should be more effective. Businesses and other activities should contribute through taxes. This ministry and the Kosovo Government will develop specific projects for the good of Kosovo citizens,” stated President Sejdiu.

Sejdiu also pointed out that the lack of electricity presents a problem for Kosovar businesses. However, he is confident that the new projects of Kosovo Government and the Ministry of Energy and Mining will solve the problem of electricity supply, reported TV stations.