Kosovo: "First ambitious plan"

Prishtinë, Aug 19, 2006 – Economic experts support the Ministry of Energy and Mining’s (MEM) project in the energy sector, but they fear that the energy produced by a new power plant will not be in demand for export, given that the countries of the region could use hydro power plants and also gas, which would be cheaper than importing energy from Kosovo.

Musa Limani, an economic expert, says it is important to construct a new power plant, but: “it is not necessary to make such considerable investments targeting supplying the whole region with energy.”

Meanwhile, Bedri Hamza from the Shadow Government’s Economic and Finance Department says that MEM’s Expression of Interest has many flaws due to the lack of transparency. According to Hamza, it is not known what legal basis the MEM considered when foreseeing the inclusion of the private investor in the energy sector.

“The strategies of the countries of the region should also be considered,” says Hamza. “We are constructing high-capacity power plants, but on the other hand the countries of the region have strategies to construct hydro power plants, which cost much less. So, to whom would we then sell the energy produced in the new power plant?”