NIKE to open stores in Kosovo

Prishtina – American sports goods giant Nike opened yesterday its branch in Prishtina, Kosovo. The exclusive distributor of Nike is Kosovar company Sport In.

“Nike’s decision to open its branch in Prishtina comes after Kosovo’s status has been resolved. Stability and independence of Kosovo has prompted NIKE to reach an agreement to open its branch in Prishtina, after many failed attempts prior to Kosovo independence.

We are glad that Nike has given us the exclusive rights to represent them in Kosovo,” said Sport In manager Blerim Ejupi. He said they have tried for many years to acquire the exclusive rights for Nike products but this became possible only after Kosovo became independent.

Blerim Ejupi and his partner Eroll Vitaku add that they are going to “open initially at least six Nike stores in Kosovo and it is expected for the business to expand as more malls continue to open up. For the first time Nike Company brings its original products to be sold at its exclusive stores.”

From now and on, Kosovar customers will have an opportunity to buy all Nike products sold at exclusive stores across the country.

Among other important objectives of Kosovo Nike branch is to remove bootleg Nike products which circulate in Kosovo, a problem prevalent all over Eastern Europe.

Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo in close cooperation with Nike Company has undertaken the responsibility to resolve this issue.