“Biznesi im” – the Austrian concept of digital services for businesses

 The latest initiative is the digital platform “Biznesi im” to be launched in the upcoming days. 

With all digital services needed by start-ups and existing companies found in one place, the “Biznesi im” platform will serve as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for Kosovo’s micro, small and medium enterprises, granting them access to a variety of digital tools and services that will be instrumental in improving business performance and competitiveness. 

Digital services and tools offered within the platform consist of:

  • manuals and brochures on legal forms, registration process, taxes and fees, etc.
  • online business and financial plans
  • self-assessment forms, and
  • templates to be used by companies every day (invoices, work contracts, etc).

The “Biznesi im” platform aims to trigger market system changes by enabling Kosovo enterprises, especially those run by women and youngsters, to better access information and relevant services that are expected to foster autonomous business growth. “Biznesi im” will contribute to increasing the survival rate among start-ups and fuel the growth of existing MSMEs.

“Biznesi im” platform implements and follows the successful Austrian model “Gründerservice” established by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. This platform promotes the establishment and development of businesses by offering a range of digital services, starting from assistance with the business idea to services that support relevant planning and fund raising.

This initiative is supported by the ACCESS project and will enrich the portfolio of online business support services offered by Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency for MSMEs.