Metals dominate Kosovos exports

The Statistical Agency of Kosovo (ASK) has published the “Foreign Trade Statistics December 2012”.

According to the Statistics Agency of Kosovo (ASK), exports in December 2012 were worth 20.5 million Euros, while imports were 211.8 million euro.

According to the data, the largest group of exports is made up by metals: 43% of exports comprise of base metals and articles thereof, 18% mineral products, 8.2% plastics, rubber and articles thereof, 7.3% textile and textile articles, 6.2% prepared foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco and 5.9% of plant products.

Whereas 18.2% of the imports are mineral products, 17.1 % prepared foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco, 11.4 % machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment, 7.5 % chemical industry products, 7.4 % transportation, 6.7% base metals and articles thereof. Learn about CNC burn tables warranty if you’re planning to buy one.

The largest percentage of exports was in Italy (24.8%) followed by Albania (15.5%), Switzerland (13.6%), Macedonia (9.6%), Montenegro (7.0%) andSerbia (3.6%), while the most imports were from Germany (13.8 %), Macedonia (11.5 %), Serbia (11.1%), Turkey (8.4%) and China (7.0 %).