Lambsdorff protects Fucci to save himself

Prishtina, 21 February 2004 – Kosova Sot reports that the confusion between the Kosovo Government and UNMIK over the constant turmoil in the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) is keeping the process of privatization hostage.

Kosova Sot quotes its sources as saying that UNMIK chief Harri Holkeri is contacting the UN Legal Office in New York and legal experts in UNMIK and KTA, with the aim of finding a solution to the fate of the KTA Director Marie Fucci. ‘The SRSG would most probably dismiss Fucci on the basis of instructions from New York because the Kosovo Government is persistent in its demands and will not give ground. It is Lambsdorff who is protecting Fucci because he fears that it would be his turn after the latter goes.’

The same source told the paper that the Fucci issue would be resolved in the next couple of days and added that it was not known if local representatives will also demand the resignation of UNMIK Pillar IV head Nikolaus Lambsdorff.

Kosova Sot claims that Fucci’s background, i.e. her career in other countries, has not been so successful and that the processes of privatization led by her has failed to produce results.

The paper ends by quoting reliable sources who say that the two KTA deputy directors, Sazborsky and Shala would hand in to UNMIK Pillar IV head Lambsdorff a written request for Fucci’s resignation.