Lambsdorff: KTA will announce third wave of tenders

Prishtina, 24 June 2004 – UNMIK Pillar IV head Nikolaus Lambsdorff called this week on the Kosovo Trust Agency to immediately announce the third wave of tenders in the privatization process, Koha Ditore reports.

„I am pleased that privatization will move forward; today I have called on the KTA to immediately announce the third wave of privatization,“ Lambsdorff said.

„I have asked the KTA to present the list of enterprises that have to be privatized in the third round and the KTA will identify the enterprises that will go through the process of special spin-off,“ said Lambsdorff adding that the third round of privatization would be based on instructions and meetings that were held in New York.

Lambsdorff said that the process of privatization would now be based on operational procedures that will ensure a swift, clear and transparent process. „Furthermore, this will help the KTA to find the best buyer of socially owned enterprises.“

Koha Ditore notes that on the same day the Kosovo Government supported the continuation of privatization, but held no firm position on whether it supports changes in the operational policies.

Lambsdorff nonetheless said he welcomes the support of the local government. „I welcome the support of the government. On three occasions we have discussed with board members the changes in the operational policies and the aim is very clear – we want a transparent and clear process of privatization.“