Government: a reserved ‘yes’ to Lambsdorff’s proposals

Prishtina, 24 June 2004 – The Kosovo Government still doesn’t have a firm position on whether it agrees with the changes in the operational policies that UNMIK Pillar IV head Lambsdorff proposed after his return from New York, Koha Ditore reports. The paper also notes that the Government has called for a continuous review of the new operational policies, and it also said that the process of privatization must be unblocked this month.

Asked to comment on the issue, Trade and Industry Minister Ali Jakup was quoted as saying, „We took the position that the process should be unblocked and that the third round of privatization should be announced this month. The Government continues to support the process of privatization as an essential issue for the economy of Kosovo.“

A press release issued after the government meeting noted: „The Government continues to follow the issue of privatization and it insists for it to be fully transparent, hoping that this will be the end of disagreements and the resumption of a very important process that encourages investments and sustainable economic development.“

The paper also says that local members of the Board of the Kosovo Trust Agency have agreed to continue the process and have also requested additional clarifications about the three new points in the operational policies.