Kujtesa threats to sue KEK

Prishtinë, Oct 18, 2005 – A legal representative of Kujtesa Company in Prishtina, told to media that they will require through legal procedures the cancellation of the contract between KEK and Ipko Net.

“If KEK does not offer a contract to Kujtesa with at least similar conditions as those offered to Ipko Net, I will then require through legal procedures the cancellation of this contract,” the representative told the newspaper.

According to Kujtesa, the contract between KEK and Ipko Net is illegal and in contradiction with the business rules since no tender was announced about it.

“The company I represented is interested in an agreement on using KEK infrastructure for extending its network throughout Kosovo. But we should beforehand know the conditions,” the representative said.

On the other hand, KEK manager John Ashley said that the agreement with Ipko Net is not special, so there was no need for tender.

The KTA Legal Department shares the same opinion. “KEK would be honored to be involved in such agreements with companies that offer genuine business proposals,” said Ashley.

Ilir Salihu, a KTA POEs division official, said, “According to the law on procurement, there is no need for a tender in case of non-exclusive cases. It is not true that Ipko Net was privileged. The more companies are interested to reach such contracts, the more financial means would KEK generate.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Energy and Mining Ethem Ceku said that he had heard about this agreement through the media. According to Ceku, KEK management was very unfair and non-transparent regarding this case.

“We should be informed about all the agreements this company reaches since we finance it,” he said.