KTA Board remains without Kosovars

Prishtina, 21 July 2004 – The head of the UN Mission in Kosovo still hasn’t extended the mandate of four local members of the Board of Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), Kosovar daily “Zëri” has reported. “Even though it has been said that the SRSG has extended the mandate of the leader of the workers union, UNMIK officials haven’t confirmed this,” added the paper.

Day 15 of this month was the last day of the mandate of the three ministers as representatives of the Government of Kosovo in the KTA Board.

The Kosovo Government has discussed continuation of representation in KTA in its last meeting but no decision on the issue was taken.

In the meanwhile, the extension of the mandate of the representatives becomes more complicated having in mind that the mandate of the Government is going to change after the elections and the KTA itself is probably being reorganized.

Therefore the Government has sent UNMIK a request asking for a provisional mandate for the KTA representatives until the creation of the new Government, as according to KTA Regulation it is the SRSG that has the last word on nomination of KTA Board members.