Kosovos budget gets 30 million Euros from the privatization process

The Privatization Agency of Kosovo ( PAK ) will pour an amount of 30 million Euros into the state budget, an amount allocated by the process of privatization and liquidation of Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

At today’s meeting that officials of the Privatization Agency had with the Minister of Finance, Bedri Hamza, it was explained that the funds that will be deposited in the budget, were collected by the process of liquidation of 65 from about 180 SOEs that are involved in the liquidation process.

PAK officials informed the Minister that the liquidation of SOEs and the transfer of remaining funds into the state budget represent the end phase of the privatization of socially owned enterprises in Kosovo. Also discussed at this meeting was the possibility of transferring surplus funds from the 115 other SOEs that are already in the process of liquidation, while preparations are being made for other SOEs to enter the process of liquidation.

With the aim of providing professional services and accelerate the process of liquidation, the Privatization Agency of Kosovo has selected a contractor for developing the portfolio of social enterprises, the number of which in Kosovo is about 600.

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