Kosovo Trust Agency record achievements

Prishtinë, Nov 06, 2005 – According to Kosovar daily “Koha Ditore” this year marks a record achievement for the Kosovo Trust Agency work, with the announcement of six rounds of privatisation. Within a nine-month period, KTA has completed the bidding process for six rounds of privatisation, while the tenth wave has been officially announced.

The seventh round of privatisation included a record selling bid which was offered to SOE Eximkos. Its director Besim Hasani, together with some workers, bought this SOE for €5.1 million.

The Head of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Ismail Kastrati said that the sale prices of the privatised enterprises are too high. “We consider that prices are too high and that they impoverish the financial capital of Kosovo’s businesses”, Kastrati stated.

On the other hand, BSPK Spokesperson said that the privatisation process is painful, but the unionists insist that this process continues. “We are aware that many employees will lose their jobs as a consequence of privatisation, but considering the bad state of the enterprises I see privatisation as the only solution”, said BSPK spokesperson Arsim Osmani.