Kosovo: Trade balance widening

Prishtinë, Feb 16, 2006 – The trade balance of Kosovo / Kosova showed a deficit of 1.13 billion euro ($1.34 billion) in 2005, up 11.88% from the 1.006 billion euro gap recorded in the previous year, the Kosovo Statistics Office said.

Imports from the 25 European Union member states accounted for 34.6% of Kosovo imports. The EU drew 35.6% of the province’s exports in 2005.

Neighbouring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was Kosovo’s main trading partner in 2005. Imports from FYROM accounted for 18.6% of Kosovo imports and exports to FYROM were 19.7% of the total.

Raw materials accounted for 18 % of Kosovo imports, followed by food, beverages and tobacco with 14 % and various equipment and machines with 11.3%.