Kosovo to face a coal crisis?!

Prishtinë, Oct 12, 2005 – Besides facing problems with power supply, Kosovo might face a coal crisis, said the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining, Agron Dida. “Bardhi i Madh and Mirash are empty. There might be coal crisis in 2008,” he said to Kosovar daily Express.

“A part of Sibofc has huge coal reserves,” said Dida. “But it will take at least two years to reach the coal, which is 20-30 meters under the ground,” Dida said. He thinks that KEK management should undertake necessary measures to prevent such an occurrence.

“KEK officials should prepare a plan on energy balance in Kosovo and sent it to the Energy Regulator for review, remarks and suggestions. Afterwards the report should be sent to the MEM for approval,” he said.

According to Dida, despite the fact that the Government allocated €50m for KEK, it cannot supply Kosovo with energy 24 hours a day.

The lack of coal is already obvious. KEK officials confirm this, too. A committee for assessing coal capacities gathered on Monday and concluded that despite reparation A3 Unit would not operate as other units.

“According to the KEK business plan, two units of Kosovo B and one of Kosova A will be functioning,” said Faton Bujupi, coordinator for KEK internal information. “A3 Unit will support A5; therefore, the rehabilitation of A3 does not mean an increased energy capacity.”