Kosumi: “In ten years Kosovo will be economic power”

Prishtinë, Oct. 12 2005 – Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi said in the first meeting of the Economic Forum of Kosovo that within ten years, Kosovo will become an economic power in the region. Established with an initiative of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC), this Forum gathers the best enterprises and the experts of economy.

The Forum aims at creating the most favorable business environment in Kosovo and at increasing foreign investments.

PM Kosumi, who participated in the Economic Forum, qualified the idea on the establishment of this forum as very important for the process Kosovo is going through. According to Kosumi, Kosovo can become a stable state only with a stable economy.

Meanwhile, the KCC representatives said that their initiative for the establishment of the forum aimed at establishing a competitive economy and perspective for export.

In this meeting, KCC presented an analysis on development businesses in Kosovo. According to this analysis, there are a series of obstacles to the economic development, such as the lack of financial support and legislation, problems with foreign communication and the lack of macroeconomic development strategy.

Kosovo Economic Forum will hold monthly and annual meetings.