Kosovo to act reciprocally against Serbia’s and Bosnia’s trade ban

“It is a matter of weeks” before Kosovo imposes a reciprocal trade ban on Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the Government of Kosovo informed the European Union.

This was confirmed by the deputy Prime Minister Mimoza Kusari-Lila, when she pointed to the decision of Serbia and Bosnia not to recognize the customs stamps of Kosovo.

“It is a matter of weeks before the decision for the imposition of reciprocal measures against states that haven’t recognized Republic of Kosovo’s customs stamps. This is a decision which serves a national interest,” said Kusari Lila.

The decision not to recognize Kosovo’s stamps is a direct breach of the free-trade CEFTA agreement. However, the EU called for the issue to be resolved in ways which are foreseen within the agreement.

“Of course, the position of the European Commission is that procedures inherent in CEFTA agreement are to be used in the solution of conflicts. However, the Government of Kosovo didn’t follow these procedures because they would imply acknowledging the authority of UNMIK because it would have to act on behalf of Kosovo. The fact that not all EU countries have recognized Kosovo has a role in this as well,” said Kusari-Lila, who also is in charge of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

“If there is no change concerning the decision of Serbia not to recognize the customs stamps of Kosovo, then the institutions of Kosovo have to take the decision of not recognizing Serbian stamps as well,” she added.

ECIKS / Zëri