Kosovo: Serbia could lose 300 million Euros

Kosovo officials have warned that Serbia could lose annually about 300 million Euros if Kosovo, due to the problems in implementing the trade agreement CEFTA, takes over the same measures as the Serbian side did.

The Government of Kosovo has already confirmed that it will soon take reciprocal measures to impose a trade ban on Serbia and Bosnia, who since 2008 refuse to allow the import of goods containing the seal of Republic of Kosovo.

In 2010, the total value of exported goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to Kosovo was more than 300 million Euros, while exports from Kosovo in the two countries were about 4 million. Businessmen in Kosovo say the same trend will be in this year, too.

An official from Kosovo Customs said that the import of goods from Serbia in the last two years increased. “In 2010 import from Serbia increased 22 percent compared to 2009.In that year, import of goods from Serbia to Kosovo was worth 209 million Euros, while in 2010 that amount increased to 255 million. Most of them are food products,” was said.

The latest data of foreign Kosovo trade, announced by Department of Statistics, show that the trade deficit of Kosovo with Serbia in February this year was 123.2 million Euros, compared to 111.8 million Euros a year earlier.

ECIKS / Vesti Online