Kosovo: Three local banks to merge into one

Prishtinë, Nov 3, 2006 – Three Kosovo banks, the Economic Bank of Kosovo, the New Bank of Kosovo and the Private Business Bank are close to reaching an agreement to merging into one bank, experts of the banking system said today in Prishtina, adding that Kasabank refused to be part of this agreement.

The officials of the three banks said negotiations are continuing and did not deny that there is a proposal for such a merger. “The three banks do not have sufficient capital; therefore we consider that merging into one bank and having greater capital will increase the credibility among our customers,” officials said.

According to the Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo, the country’s banking system is liquid, the majority of banks are working at profit, whereas the deposits are safe.

The Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo (BPK) was transformed this September into a central bank for the region. The move provides more independence and regulatory authority to Kosovo’s new banking system.