Kosovo Trust Agency signs 13 sales contracts

Prishtinë, Nov 3, 2006 – Paul Acda, Chairman of the KTA Board, signed 13 sales contracts (12 spin offs and 1 special spin off) and 3 liquidation contracts today, thus raising the total number of new enterprises (NewCos) sold by the KTA to more than 200, a press release issued by UNMIK Pillar IV reads.

Acting DSRSG Acda said: “I am very pleased to sign these contracts. KTA staff will now begin to hand these new companies over to their owners. It is vitally important to continue the good work of the KTA and the EU Pillar, together with the PISG and other stakeholders, in re-vitalizing and rehabilitating the economy of Kosovo.

“I would like to offer my best wishes to the new owners of these NewCos. With all members of the KTA Board, I am determined to continue moving forward with the privatisation process.”

The KTA also launched the 20th wave of privatization, where out of 24 SOEs 34 NewCos will be created. 13 SOEs will be privatized via special spin-off and will create 20 NewCos.