Kosovo: Telekom Austria offers 350 million euro for PTK

In competition with the German Telekom, the other company which showed interest in buying 75% of the shares of Post-Telecomm of Kosovo is Telekom Austria.

“We’re interested in buying Post-Telecomm of Kosovo,” a spokeswoman for Telekom Austria told the Viennese newspaper “Die Presse.” However, she emphasized that Telekom Austria has yet to review the financial situation within PTK. She refused to talk about the price or the length of the procedures.

Representatives of the Government of Kosovo hope to reach a sum of 600 million euro for 75% of the shares of PTK. However, “Die Presse” writes that sources within Telekom Austria have found out that a bid of 300 up to 350 million euro will be offered.

Several parallels have been drawn between the privatization of PTK and that of Telekom Serbia. The Government in Belgrade asked for 1.4 billion euro but Telekom Austria offered a price much lower than that.

Telekom Austria, according to “Die Presse,” had competed for two mobile phone licenses in 2007 in Kosovo but failed to win both. At the moment PTK is undergoing investigations under the suspicion of corruption which led to searches by EULEX in its offices.

ECIKS / Die Presse