Kosovo: Two companies qualify for the privatization of PTK

Government Privatization Committee (GPC) of Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. (PTK), on accordance with the acts of the Parliament and the Government of Republic of Kosovo, has completed the pre-qualification process of companies interested in the privatization of PTK.

The process was open, competitive and the following companies participated:

1. Albtelekom Sh. A., Albania
2. Hrvatski Telekom d.d., Croatia, parent company Deutsche Telekom, Germany
3. Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E., Egypt
4. SabaFon, Yemen
5. Telekom Austria AG, Austria

After appraising the application of companies participating in the pre-qualification phase, GPC announces that the following companies qualify for the tender of purchasing 75% of the shares of PTK Sh. A.:

1. Hrvatski Telekom d.d., Croatia, parent company Deutsche Telekom, Germany
2. Telekom Austria AG, Austria

The appraisal of applications was conducted by a professional panel of representatives from five ministries party to the GPC.

In order for the companies to qualify, they had to fulfill a set of conditions which were identical for all the participants who were given equal access to any information by the contracting authority.

Government Privatization Committee is very satisfied with this pre-qualification phase for the sale of PTK shares.

The qualified companies along with their parent companies have over 170 million subscribers around the world, are present almost everywhere globally, have sufficient capital (with yearly revenues of over 67 billion euro for 2009), thus guaranteeing proper competition in this process.

The entry of prestigious mobile communications operators in Kosovo, as is the case with the said companies, guarantees a quick improvement of this market and is a successful example of investing in Kosovo.

ECIKS / Government of Republic of Kosovo