Kosovo Tax Administration to be prioritized

Prishtinë, 6 December 2006 – The Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) has proposed to the Government of Kosovo to amend the Law on Liquidation due to the €54 million that POEs and SOEs owe to this administration.

“TAK proposed these changes so that during the liquidation of SOEs their debts to the Kosovo Budget be of priority,” said Bashkim Shala, Deputy Director of TAK Operations Department. Meanwhile, Muharrem Shahini, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) said that this proposal has already been passed by the Government of Kosovo and soon will be forwarded also to the Assembly.

Zana Haxha from KTA press office said that KTA has received no request for such changes. According to Haxha, the SOEs’ debts should be paid from the 80% of the sales price of an SOE.