Kosovo: Switzerland, Denkmark invest in agriculture

Prishtina – The Governments of Switzerland and Denmark are currently investing in a joint project, aimed at developing the horticulture in Kosovo, has been acknowledged Friday at the inauguration of the project “Promotion of Horticulture in Kosovo”.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD), Idriz Vehapi, said the horticulture project will support fabrication of horticulture products.

“Our aim in the first line is increasing the productivity, loans for the farmers, honest competition between the producers and the import, promotion of local products, etc”, said Vehapi.He added that all this will be achieved with the donor’s contribution, while the MAFRD cooperation will be transparent in all projects.

Minister Vehapi said financial capacities of the Government were limited to support the agriculture, although there were some activities to aid the agriculture, such as removal of VAT for agricultural products.

On the other hand, representative of the Swiss Office, Senior Vendt, said Switzerland has supported the horticulture sector in Kosovo since 2001, throughout the Swiss project for promotion of horticulture.

Denmark’s representative, Jorgen Andersen, said this country joined the project in 2007.

“We have established a joint partnership between Switzerland, Denmark and Kosovo. We are today opening a new era. Yesterday, my Government has recognized Kosovo as independent state. We will be committee to Kosovo even in the future”, Anderson said.

Otherwise, Switzerland since 2002 has invested more than 8 million Swiss franks in the horticulture sector of Kosovo.