Kosovo: Status settlement would help economic development

Prishtinë, Feb 13, 2006 – The status settlement would help economic development, but the current undetermined status should not obstruct us to do the best we can for economic development, the Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Joachim Ruecker told the Radio Free Europe.

“I believe that there are real bases to move the Kosovar economy forward, even under the current circumstances,” Ruecker said.

He emphasized that the biggest advantages of Kosovo lay in the sector of energy and mining. “It may sound paradoxical because of the electricity crises, but the energy sector is very promising, because of lignite reserves, geological formations, and because of the fact that Kosovo is known as place with Ferro-minerals.”

But this is not the only advantageous sector, agriculture also may become a very competitive sector if properly developed, said Ruecker.

ECIKS / KosovaLive