Kosovo signs agreement for 100 MW in solar power plants and wind farms


The Kosovo grid operator KOSTT has signed a connection agreement with the developer Air Energy 2, for the construction of two wind farms and a solar plant. The plants will be built in the municipality of Kamenica and together will have a capacity of 99.6 MW 

The construction is expected to commence in 2021, however, the plants are expected to be functionalized by the end of 2024. Specifically, the parties have agreed on the construction of two wind farms, Kamenica –1 (34.8 MW) and Kamenica – 2 (34.8 MW), and also the Kamenica solar plant with a 30 MW capacity.  

Currently, Kosovo has only one wind farm – KITKA – which began operations in 2018 and has a capacity of 32.4 MW, which will be further expanded by 20MW in 2022.  

Two other wind farms are also planned for 2021. The 105MW Bajgora wind plant – which is due in April 2021 and the Budakova wind plant, which will have 46 MW.   

Overall, Kosovo aims to increase its share of renewable energy capacity by 2026 to 150 MW of wind, 250 MW of hydropower, and 300 MW of solar. Currently, its renewable energy capacity stands at 34MW of wind, 7MW of solar and 80MW of hydropower.  

 Photo by Unsplash