Kosovo: PTK’s profit to be used for Sibovc

Prishtina, 6 January 2007 – Sources inside the Economic and Fiscal Council (EFC) told Zeri that at the last meeting the EFC decided that €68 million of PTK extra profit be used for the opening of new Sibovc mine.

“PTK has more than €200 million deposited in Kosovo banks. EFC decided that €68 million out of this sum be used for Sibovc mine,” the source said.

Also PM Agim Ceku said after the last meeting of EFC that PTK’s extra profit would be used in the energy sector, still without specifying in what area.

PTK Managing Director, Etrur Rrustemaj, said that this decision would not affect PTK’s business. Rrustemaj also said that PTK has around €180 million deposited in banks. “We do not need this collected fund for investments, because the annual profit is sufficient for such investments,” said Rrustemaj.