Kosovo Pension Saving Trust starts to invest within the country

The Board of Kosovo Pension Savings Trust (KPST) has decided to invest additional €10 million in the Kosovar economy through deposits in the banking system, while the other €60 million will be invested in international capital market.

Chairman of the KPST Board, Besim Beqaj said in Pristina that the amount of money deposited in banks in Kosovo has now reached €25 millions.

“We wanted an independent audit of all banks. It is true that we wanted very safe conditions and we have assessed that the best offer is the NLB Bank (bank owned by Slovenian capital) with 3.5% interest per year, with triple guarantees,” said Beqaj.

Beqaj said that another €60 millions from Kosovo pension savings will be invested in international capital market.

The total amount of pension funds in Kosovo is around €370 millions. The number of employees which contribute in Kosovo Pension Savings Trust is around 260.000. Within a month, the Kosovo KPST collects about €6 millions.

Kosovo Pension Trust faced losses last year through global financial crisis, but most of funds have returned this year with increased stock values. Investment of pension money in Kosovo’s banks is expected to affect positively the economic growth.